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Quarry Manager

Quarry Manager is an application developed to handle day to day business activities of Quarry and crusher industry. It is empowered with Data transfer and Remote access facility, which will help the administrators to monitor the entire information from anywhere in the world. The main modules involved are, Accounts, Sales, Inventory, Quarry, Profit Center, Plant and Payroll.

The main features of the Quarry Manager ERP Application are,

| Income and Expenditure analysis of Vehicles and Heavy Equipments |Drill bit Life analysis | Performance analysis of compressor and Machineries | Integrated stock reports | Slow moving and Non moving items reports | Purchase comparisons | Consumption analysis of costly materials | Ageing reports of Debtors and Creditors | Trial balance, Depreciation Statements, profit and Loss accounts and Balance sheets | Asset management | Cost and revenue analysis, Cost per Product, Alerts for Renewals and reminders

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Smart Builder

The Smart Builder ERP project is designed to monitor the day to day activities of Construction Contractors. The Builder software consists of various modules to ease the data recording and reporting. This application covers all Project activities from its inception to day today activities to finalization of the estimated budgeting and project completion.

The main advantages of The Smart Builder ERP Application are,

Covers all constructional activities | Foolproof accounting system | Various MIS Reports | Advanced inventory management system | Cash and Fund flow analysis | Various Usage reports | Expense and Income statements | Various Costing reports |

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The Printer

The Printer is a software tool designed exclusively for press industry to handle day to day business activities of small and large scale offset printing press. Highlight of this application is the facility to prepare Estimation and Custom job works and automated preparation of Job orders. This is a Multi-user application and network Compatible. The main modules in this application are Accounts, Front office, Inventory (Paper, Plate, Ink & chemicals and Customer Paper) and Payroll.

The main features of The Printer Application are,

Advanced Estimation calculation | Job scheduling, job status, Job tracking | Advanced inventory for Papers, Plates, Ink & Chemicals and Customer paper | Paper wastage audit | Integrated stock | Purchase comparisons | Consumption analysis of costly material | Ageing Reports of Debtors and Creditors | Trail Balance, Depreciation statements, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet | Asset Management | Cost and revenue analysis | Alerts renewals and reminders

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Plantation Management ERP is a complete software solution to cater the specific requirements of large scale multi crop plantation. It offers high customizability, scalability, reliability and robustness. Its user friendly interface allows user to use it effectively with minimal effort. The software covers all aspects of estates and simplifies management greatly.The application is a powerful and highly reliable software tool developed to handle the day to day business activities of Plantation (Single crop or Multi Crop). It covers all the business processes on the plantation from Nursery establishment, Replanting, Field maintenance, Harvesting, Manufacture, Warehousing and Sales.

The main features of Plantation Management ERP Application are,

Integrated Multi crop MIS reports | Integrated payroll | Option for regular cash work and contract work | various expense reports | Central office connectivity | Daily field productivity report | Crop wise yield statement | Export sales and consignment management | various material usage analysis | Cost of Production statement.

Cloud ERP Services

Grow your Business with Cloud ERP, A Complete Digital Platform for your Enterprise Planning. Run your growing business on the secure, affordable and best cloud-based ERP software in the industry. It is a suite of business management software tool which includes CRM, E-commerce, Billing, Accounting, Manufacturing etc. This application caters to all the needs of various industries, providing customizable solutions to their day today activities. Moreover, it effectively manages all the core business functions with a single and comprehensive solution.

Why Choose Cloud ERP ??

Innovative and Ease of Use: Using the latest web and mobility technologies | Cloud & On Premise : New business requirements can be integrated into existing solution with ease | Interportability : Excellent Integration with other software used at your company | Modularised Architecture : Allows implementation of required modules only | Highly Customizable : Every business is different and hence every business need a personalized digital solution.

Head Office Management System

Head office management system helps to consolidate and be presented with various data from different companies and subsidiaries. It will be made available as an information system for the organization to monitor the respective entities and consolidated data from a financial and operational perspective.This web based management information system can aggregate data from databases of various software platforms. Transformation and consolidation of the data can be done, so that management will get a consistent view of the monitored control points. Various companies and subsidiaries shall be categorized and customized to provide data feed to the system. Even in the case of a third party software, the data can be easily extracted and compiled at the consolidated system.

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